Organic search marketing, also known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves a long-term process of consistently optimizing a website to perform better in search engines such as Google by strategically choosing keywords that are highly relevant to a business and optimizing website content to include those keywords. Several factors need to be considered to maximize the effectiveness of SEO. “Keywords and search phrases, domain name, business and location, and content” (Rose, 2018) are among these factors. On its own SEO will generally benefit a business’ website in the long run, although it will likely take time before seeing any benefits.

Paid strategies, also known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing can lend a hand in boosting website traffic and search engine ranking quickly through buying advertising which targets the same or similar keywords that may be used in a business’ SEO efforts. Paid methods, however, can become expensive, and any results achieved through these methods will only last as long as they are being paid for.

I recommend combining these methods. By beginning to improve a site’s SEO while running paid ads, the website can enjoy the benefits of a traffic increase immediately, then as organic search improves over time, paid advertising may become less expensive as the website continues to crawl up the search engine rankings to eventually claim that coveted #1 spot for several keywords.


Rose, Charlie (2018) SEO 101: How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working? Retrieved from



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